Terms and Conditions

Your use of this website constitutes your agreement with the terms and conditions as stated below. If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, do not use this website.

If you are an under-aged person, you are not allowed to access or use this website. You further acknowledge and agree that you must be of legal age to start cooperation with this website.

By submitting the registration form, you confirm that you have fully read, understand and agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions, which form the entire agreement between theperfectwriters.com and you.

1. Definitions

1.1. “Agreement” means these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. “Company” means the entity “The Perfect Writers” that involves the Writer into cooperation according to and as defined by the terms stated in this Agreement.

1.3. “Website” means theperfectwriters.com.

1.4. “Order” or “Case” means an electronic request of a paid service from the Customer for a particular Product and/or service.

1.5. “Product” – a document in .doc or .docx format, which is the final result of processing an Order by Writer and Support.

1.6. “Support Department” or “Support” signifies a part of the Company’s infrastructure with the mission to serve as an intermediate between the Writer and the Customer.

1.7. “Customer” means a person who orders paper/content writing by the Company’s Writers to obtain the Product according to his/her requirements and pays for that service in accordance with pricing system.

1.8. “Writer” means a person who has agreed to work for the Company on a freelance basis under the Company’s terms as stated in this Agreement.

1.9. “Reachable” if applied to the Writer means that he/she is available for the Customer and the Company by Internet (Messaging System and emails) and for the Support by phones (landline or cellular) at all times while they are working on the Order.

1.10. “Responsive” if applied to the Writer means that he/she is able to provide the Company and the Customer with the required or requested information while processing the Order.

1.11. “Account” means electronic record of all the Orders processed by the Writer, as well as communication, payment, and personal information about the Writer, such as full name, city of residence, payment details, etc. available at the Website.

1.12. “Activation of Account” means launching of cooperation between the Writer and the Company.

1.13. “Termination of Account” means termination of cooperation between the Writer and the Company.

1.14. “Message” means a unit of the Messaging System, information posted by a sender to a recipient.

1.15. “Messaging System” is an online communication tool that is available in the Writer’s Account on the Website. It is located in the section called “Messages” and is used for communication between the Writer, the Customer and the Support.

1.16. “Due Balance” is the amount of Earnings pending to be paid to the Writer for completed Orders.

1.17. “Earnings” means payment the Writer receives for completing Orders and delivering Products to Customers.

1.18. “Payment Method” is the money transfer service or system that is used by the Company for sending Earnings or financial compensation to Writers.

1.19. “Beneficiary Info” – information that the Writer should submit to his/her Account to receive the Earnings via their desired Payment Method.

1.20. “Payment Dates” – dates when the Company sends Earnings to Writers via their selected Payment Methods.

1.21. “Dispute” – a disagreement or difference that is initiated by the Writer and arises in relation to Fines and Termination of Account.

1.22. “Fine” – a sum of money required to be paid by the Writer as a penalty for violation of the Company’s standards and requirements to Products, or not fulfilling the Writer’s liabilities.

1.23 “Payment System” – a third-party payment processor working with payments from the Customers on behalf of the Company.

1.24 “Claim” – a disputed/cancelled charge by the Company at the Customer’s bank account, put on hold by the card issuing institution or a Payment System after completing the authorization procedure per Customer’s request.

1.25 “Investigation Period” – time period dedicated to investigating the Claim – from 14 to 21 business days.

1.26 “Probation Period” – time period given to a Writer to improve the performance, if it was previously defined as below Company’s standards and requirements.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. This Agreement is concluded to regulate relationships and actions between the Writer, the Customer and the Company.

3. Liabilities of the Company and the Writer

3.1. The Company is obliged to:

3.1.1. Provide access to the personal control panel (Account) and a choice of Orders to the Writer if they are available.

3.1.2. Track the record of the Writer’s work for the Company – number of completed orders, payment history, etc. This record is available in the Writer’s personal Account.

3.1.3. Perform payment on the Payment Dates stated in the clause 8.1. via Payment Methods chosen by the Writers.

3.1.4. Serve as an intermediate between the Writer and the Customer, which involves transmitting Messages between the Writers and the Customers and contacting them by phones if necessary.

3.1.5. Secure high quality of Products and fine Writers in the amount stated in the clause 6 if requirements to the Products stated in the clause 4 are not met.

3.1.6. Make decisions on Activation and Termination of the Writer’s Account on the basis of conditions stated in clauses 5 and 9 respectively.

3.1.7. Resolve Disputes that arise in the course of Orders processing.

3.1.8. Keep all the personal information of the Writer and the Customer in complete confidentiality, as it is stated in the Privacy Policy.

3.2. The Writer is obliged to:

3.2.1. Follow all the Customer’s instructions and guidelines when working on the Product.

3.2.2. Follow the Company’s standards and requirements to Products as stated in clause 4.

3.2.3. Follow the standards of formatting styles (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian or Harvard) as stated in the guidelines available in the Account and in the Useful links section of the Website.

3.2.4. Upload the final version of the Product before the deadline set in the Order.

3.2.5. Upload a half of the completed Product before 50% of the deadline has passed (applies to Orders that are or exceed 20 pages).

3.2.6. Be always Reachable and Responsive in the course of work on Orders. Log in to the account no less than once in 24 hours while working on the Order.

3.2.7. Upload a half or more of the completed Product upon Company’s request in order to receive a deadline extension. (Decisions on deadline extensions always remain at discretion of the Company).

3.2.8. Perform all the paper revisions for free.

3.2.9. Keep all the information considering Orders in complete confidentiality.

3.2.10. Deliver the Product only to the Company and not to sell/share/donate it to any third parties.

3.2.11. Use only one username with the correct and up to date personal information. Working under multiple or fake Accounts (user names) is strictly prohibited.

3.2.12. Transfer economic intellectual property rights for all the submitted Products to the Company.

3.2.13. Writers shall neither participate in any online assignment instead of our Customers nor log in to any online assignment on the Customer’s behalf.

3.3. Violation of the obligations stated in the clauses 3.2.1., 3.2.2., 3.2.3., 3.2.4., 3.2.5. , 3.2.6 will result in the fines, stated in the clause 6.

3.4. Systematic violation of the obligations stated in the clause 3.3. and violation of the obligations stated in the clauses 3.2.8. and 3.2.9.,3.2.10 will result in Termination of Account, as stated in the clause 9.1.

4. Company’s standards and requirements to Products

4.1. Content should be:

4.1.1. Original and based on proper argumentation.

4.1.2. Built on the principles of logical development, which can be achieved with the help of linking words and phrases, as well as other linguistic devices.

4.1.3. Built in the way to properly develop the topic given by the Customer and meet all his instructions.

4.1.4. Structured and logically organized in the way appropriate for the type of the paper stated in the Order.

4.2. Formatting:

4.2.1. Text should be typed on standard A4 pages (8.267″ x 11.692″) with 1″ margins on all sides. The minimum word count for 1 page is 275 words. This value is not an upper limit and should be exceeded to meet the requirements stated in the clause 4.5.2, if needed.

4.2.2. Font should be double-spaced Times New Roman or similar 12 pt.

4.2.3. Page numbers should be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the paper.

4.2.4. Bibliography, page headers, formatting of titles and subtitles, in-text references, foot- and endnotes and other elements should be formatted in accordance with the set formatting styles (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian or other).

4.2.5. If the type of Order is defined as Editing/Proofreading, the Writer is obliged to edit no less than 30% of the content.

4.3. Language norms:

4.3.1. Papers should be written in impeccable English without any violation of language norms, including but not limited to grammar, stylistics, morphology, and punctuation.

4.4. Plagiarism:

4.4.1. Plagiarism level must be 0%, which is checked with the help of special software. When defining the plagiarism level, bibliographical reference and cliched phrases are not taken into account.

4.5. Customer’s instructions:

4.5.1. Customer’s instructions and specifications should be followed to the dot.

4.5.2. The Product you deliver must correspond to the required amount of full pages ordered by the customer.

4.6. Violation of the clauses 4.1.-4.5. will result in disciplinary measures as stated in clause 6.

4.7. Systematic violation of clauses 4.1.-4.5. will result in a Probation Period or Termination of Account as described in the clause 9.

5. Activation of Account and Probation

5.1. Activation

5.1.1. For Activation of Account the Writer has to fill in the registration form at the Website, pass grammar and 3 formatting styles tests, and upload degree scan and original sample essay.

5.1.2. Within 14 days after completion of the tests and uploading all the required documents, the Support notifies the Writer on whether his/her Account is activated or declined. The Support can also ask the Writer to specify some additional information, correct the existing one, or ask to revise the sample essay or pass the tests one more time in case the initial result is not sufficient.

5.1.3. Only upon Activation of Account the Writer receives possibility to apply for orders and start earning money.

6. Disciplinary Measures

6.1. Financial Punishments

6.1.1. A fine of 50% of the projected CPP will be issued should the product be plagiarized but not sent to the client yet.

6.1.2. A fine of 50% of the projected CPP will be issued should the plagiarized product cause the client to charge back.

6.1.3. A fine of 50% of the projected CPP will be issued should the plagiarized product cause a refund.

6.1.4. A fine of 100% of the projected CPP will be issued should the final product be overdue and cause a refund on these grounds.

6.1.5. A fine of 75% of the projected CPP will be issued should the final product be completed in contrast to the client’s instructions and cause a refund.

6.1.6. A fine of 25% of the projected CPP will be issued should the writer request deadline extension after their original deadline is due.

6.1.7. Reassign Requests on urgent orders (of 5 and less hours deadline) will lead to a fine of 50% of the projected CPP regardless of the time it takes to request a reassignment.

6.2. Non-financial punishments

6.2.1. A 1 month suspension without access to orders will be imposed on the writer who applies for orders blindly, without familiarizing oneself with the instructions beforehand.

6.2.2. The order limit will be reduced by 1 should the writer show systematic lateness tendencies.

6.2.3. Writers displaying procrastination tendencies (i.e. requesting clarification after more than 50% of the deadline has elapsed) will receive a 2 week suspension.

6.2.4. Writers who have their phones off or otherwise inaccessible will receive a 48 hours suspension. Systematic offenses will lead to a longer suspension periods (up to 1 week).

6.2.5. The Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to impose an alternative method of non-financial punishment of their choosing at any given time should the need arise.

6.3. Termination of account

6.3.1. The Company has a right to initiate Termination of Account immediately (by notifying the Writer via email or phone) in the following cases:

6.3.2. Violation of clauses 3.2.7., 3.2.8., 3.2.9. and 9.1. (Disclosure of information considering Orders, selling/donating/sharing Products with any third parties, using several user names or fake Accounts).

6.3.3. Systematic violation (3 or more cases within one month) of clauses 4.1.-4.5. (not following the Company’s standards and requirements to the Products) and clauses 3.2.1., 3.2.2., 3.2.3., 3.2.4., 3.2.5. (the Writer’s liabilities).

6.3.4. The Writer has a right to initiate Termination of Account at any time if he/she doesn’t have any pending Orders by notifying the Support via email or phone 10 days before the expected termination.

6.3.5. In case of Termination of Account, all the payments and Earnings pending will be paid to the Writer on the nearest Payment Date.

6.3.6. Violation of the clause 3.2.8. will result in termination of the account.

6.4. Probation Period

6.4.1. Should the writer be suspected of fraudulent activity or their quality drop sharply they will have to pass a 2-month probation period.

6.4.2. The probation period will have the writer to successfully pass the re-evaluation test.

6.4.3. During this probation the writer will also have a limited number of orders they can work on simultaneously (reduced to 2 orders).

6.4.4. The account will be frozen until the re-evaluation test is not cleared.

6.4.5. Should the re-evaluation test be failed, the account will be terminated.

7. Disputes

7.1. The Customer has a right to dispute the case within:

  • 14 days after the first delivery of the paper
  • 14 days after the revision of the paper
  • 14 days after approving the case
  • Exception – plagiarism – no time-frame

7.2. The Quality Assurance Manager:

  • Must reply to the Writer’s questions and requests in a timely manner
  • Must provide the Writer with the detailed reasons for Dispute upon the Writer’s request
  • Must designate the approximate deadline for the final Dispute resolution upon the Writer’s request
  • Must provide the supporting documents, supporting the reasons for Dispute (Plagiarism Report, grading rubric, graded paper, etc) upon the Writer’s request
  • Must keep the Writer informed about the progress of the negotiation process with the Customer
  • Must inform the Writer about the Final Dispute Resolution, achieved after negotiating with the Customer (the percentage of the refund)
  • Has the right to request the materials used by the Writer for the paper completion
  • Has the right to request the Writer’s opinion regarding the validity of the Customer’s reasons for filing a Dispute
  • Has the right to decrease the Writer’s payment for the dispute
  • Has the right to apply the fines, depending on the particular nature of the Dispute

7.3. The Writer:

  • Must reply to the Dispute Manager’s questions and requests in a timely manner
  • Must provide all the information about the process of the paper completion upon the Dispute Manager’s request
  • Must be able to provide the digital copies of, or the links to all the sources used while the process of the paper completion upon the Dispute Manager’s request
  • Has the right to request the documents, supporting the Customer’s reasons for Disputing the case (Plagiarism Report, Grading rubric, graded paper, etc)
  • Has the right to participate in the process of negotiation with the Customer
  • Has the right to inquire about the stage of negotiation
  • Has the right to suggest his personal vision of how the Dispute is to be resolved

7.4. The Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to apply fines and measures as stated in Clause 6 in case Company sustains financial losses caused by the writer’s work or lack of thereof.

7.5. The Writer has a right to dispute fines imposed as a result of conditions stated in the clause 6.1 and 7.4 within 3 (three) business days from the moment it was imposed. The Writer has to state the reason why fine imposition was not fair and provide solid proof of their words. The investigation is conducted by the Quality Assurance Manager and usually takes up to 7 (seven) business days from the time the dispute was submitted.

7.6. Termination of Account due to reasons stated in the clause 6.3. cannot be set on dispute and is final and irrevocable.

7.7. The Quality Assurance Department or the Dispute Manager reserves the right to cancel the payment for the disputed case if the nature of the Dispute does not fall under any of the clauses mentioned above. In such a situation, the Dispute Manager is obliged to provide the detailed reasons of the payment’s cancellation.

8. Payment terms and conditions

8.1. Upon Activation of Account, within the Account consideration by the Support, or at least 4 days before the Payment Dates, the Writer has to submit the Beneficiary Information to the Account and have it verified by the Support. In case the Beneficiary Information is not submitted within the stated time, the Company will process all the payments on the next Payment Date. Writers are not allowed to change the payment details after the termination of accounts. The Company is not responsible for inaccurate or invalid payment details you submitted. In such a situation, you bear all commissions, and a fee in amount of $25 will be charged for investigation and/or payment recall.

8.2. Whenever the Writer uploads a Product that is made in compliance with all the conditions of the clause 4 and the Client approves it, he receives a stated amount of money that is visible in his Due Balance section. All the Earnings for completed Orders are summed up until they reach $50 at least and then they are paid on the nearest Payment Date of the current month.

8.3. The payments are issued twice a month within 5 days after the request deadline.

The funds requested before 1st of every month are released between 1st and 6th day of the month. The funds requested before the 15th are released between 15th and 21st day of the month. Requests made with delay will not be processed for the current payment period, i. e. request made on 15th will be processed for release during the 1st – 6th of the next month.

8.4. The Writer has a right to choose the Payment Method that the Company will use for processing of any payments. The Payment Method should be chosen according to the Writer’s location and availability of the methods’ service offices. We have the following Payment Methods available: Payoneer, PayPal. The preferred method is Payoneer, as it is the most convenient for both the Writer and the Company. The details of each Payment Method are described in the “Payment” section at the Website. If the writer wants to change the payment information, he/she will have to pass the verification procedure and provide us with the official documents for security purposes.

9. Confidentiality

9.1. All the information received from the Writers and the Customers is kept in complete confidentiality and is not sold/shared with any third parties. Detailed information considering the privacy issues is available in the Privacy Policy at the Website.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

10.1. The Company cares about proper distribution of intellectual property rights on the provided Products subjeсt to these Terms and Conditions.

10.2. By agreeing to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions, the Writer and the Company ensure that moral and economic intellectual property rights to the Products shall remain separate and shall be exercised independently.

10.3. The Writer makes an unconditional, complete, and exclusive transfer of all the economic intellectual property rights to the Product to the Company. The transfer described shall be made once the Writer agrees to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Writer acknowledges that he/she does not have the right to use the Product per their wish and, thus, may not publish/sell/share the Product with any third parties.

10.4. At the same time, moral intellectual property rights remain inalienable rights that belong to the author only.

10.5. Moral intellectual property rights are the right to claim authorship of the Product and to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of or other derogatory action in relation to the Product, which would be prejudicial to the Writer’s honor or reputation.

10.6. Intellectual property rights that are not listed in the 10.5. section above shall be deemed as economic intellectual property rights that are transferred to the Company.

10.7. The Company obtains and enjoys the full scope of economic intellectual property rights on the Product subject to these Terms and Conditions. The same scope of the Company’s rights extends to sample essays, delivered papers, and all the other works provided by the Writer.

10.8. Violation of the clauses 10.1.-10.7. will result in immediate Termination of Account, as stated in the clause 6.3.

11. Claim

11.1. Claims are investigated by the Company’s Risk Department and the Payment System during the Investigation Period.

11.2. Orders with Claims from Customers are forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department for a detailed examination of the Product and its compliance with the Company’s standards and requirements to Products in clause 4 and clause 3.2.

11.2.1. Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to send a request to the Writer for the screen shots or photos of the Product sources used as references or citations:

  • The Investigation period is automatically extended by the time taken to fulfill the request.

11.3. The Order price paid to the Writer is put on hold and 100% is retained from the Writer’s balance for the Investigation Period.